Creation of New Vocabulary

Language serves as the carrier of information, and in the age of information explosion, the interplay of multiple languages makes it easy for people to create a new vocabulary or a joke based on a trending topic, which can quickly become an internet sensation.

Such as “YYDS”

This appears to be four English letters, but in Chinese, it also represents the initials of the pinyin “yong yuan de shen,” which means “Eternal God.” It is used to describe someone or something as exceptionally good or powerful, and people in the comments section will often say “yyds” to express their admiration. You can say “DMCS YYDS”, this mean this class is good, very good.

The frequent emergence of such vocabulary on the internet has led to a situation where almost everyone, in order to understand others’ expressions, must constantly keep an eye on internet trends. Otherwise, you might be surprised to find that the comments section is filled with “Why is the comment section full of codes.”

guess what is the meaning of “xswl”
I’m laughing so hard.