Retake Essay – Digital media: Renewing the Way People Perceive and Understand the World

The development of digital media relies on the advancement of the Internet and information technology, which not only improves the efficiency of message dissemination, but also accurately helps users to filter the information content that better meets their needs through algorithms. As a
social animal, the development of digital media also meets the needs of more people to communicate with each other. Face-to-face information exchange is no longer necessary, and people can communicate with others in any place where they can connect to the Internet. In the
age of the Internet, a large number of “celebrities” with great influence on the Internet have been born, and personal opinion “leaders” independent of the media, newspapers, etc. have been formed.

1. Informational digital media have lowered the cost of information dissemination and broadened the ways of information dissemination, so that everyone can be a “journalist”.

After the industrial revolution, all kinds of real-time messages were delivered through newspapers, and people learnt about society by buying newspapers; then radio and television appeared, and more devices enriched people’s access to information and news channels, and journalism flourished. However, it is undeniable that both newspapers, radio channels and TV stations rely on companies with economic power to build platforms as the direct disseminators of information, and people are more passive recipients of information. Therefore, people’s access to information is more subject to the constraints of the information provider, and access to and control of information requires extremely high monetary costs.