[Video] THE ALGORITHMS: Does It Know What You Know and Do You Know What It Knows?


Hope you guys do not mind a long video with crappy animation. Enjoy!




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  • Domnica Predescu
    Posted October 12, 2020 at 2:08 pm 0Likes

    I absolutely loved your video! You did such a great job with the imagery and the simple, yet the very efficient way you explained what algorithm is and how it can be used for good.
    I could follow your story perfectly and it was quite entertaining. Your usage of text on slides, the little images of characters, and the sound effects made this whole video very enjoyable.
    Small tip: maybe next time you could speak a bit louder into your mic 🙂 as it sometimes it is a bit difficult to clearly hear your narration

    • Vy Dang
      Posted October 12, 2020 at 3:53 pm 0Likes

      Thank you for your comment and tip! It helps a lot since I didn’t notice that my voice was too small. I will try to improve the audio quality the next time.

  • Stephanie Scholtes
    Posted October 14, 2020 at 5:44 pm 0Likes

    Thank for your video! Your examples really well illustrate the positive effect an algorithm can have within social media. I did not know that young people are now posting resume-like video’s on Tiktok. However, I do recognize that nowadays young people are almost forced to promo themselves in that way. For example, when I was looking for a new flatmate, a lot of people started sending in short clips in which they told something about themselves and that they were interested in our advert. Maybe something nice to write your next post about, or maybe even a potential for you next video? Anyway, I really like your animations, voiceover and story line. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emil
    Posted November 15, 2020 at 9:34 am 0Likes

    Great video. Like the comments above I have to praise the format of your video. It was fun to watch and informative at the same time. Also content wise I think it is very interesting to point to some of the positive sides of algorithms. Regarding your “conclusion”, the quote about how technology is neutral, I think this can be slightly misleading. I also believe many technologies can be used for “good” and “bad”, but that does not mean that the invention thereof is neutral. What I want to say is that I believe in the responsibility of inventors of technology to regard political and societal realities and how the invention could be used. So technology brought into life by humans, in my view, is not completely neutral (as it is humans who bring it into life), and I think somebody has to think about the uses and implications of new technology even whilst creating them. This does not at all invalidate your thoughts on algorithms. I was just referring to the last quote.
    Thank you for the great video!

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