Self-care Scrolling II (podcast)

Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.

Peter McWilliams

Last week I dedicated my post, a video you can find here, to a topic many might view as being taboo: mental health. Having received quite a few positive reactions, and reflecting on the discussions I engaged in upon releasing my video, I decided to dive deeper into the topic I am very passionate about.

After reading a fantastic article written by Christie Wilcox To Blog or Not to Blog (yes yes I know it is part of the curriculum) I was really inspired to seek knowledge and ask those, who she describes as scientists, “get it” and share their findings. My hope with this podcast is to first: not bore you, secondly shed light on a topic whose high occurrence and gravity many might underpin, and thirdly to help you reflect and maybe even change your usage of social media platforms.

I want to thank Maria for participating in the discussion and my friend Woiwoi for putting up with my endless questions regarding the technology which I had to use in order to create the podcast.


Mental Health in the age of Digital Media

Articles Maria mentioned:

  • The link between loneliness and social media here
  • Fatigue and social media here
  • Neural and Behavioral responses to Social Media here

Want to know more?

Watch my video Self Care Scrolling here.

Dive into a very insightful article by my colleague Therese describing The Google Effect here.

Read a great description of what could be seen as a ‘love-hate relationship’, our relationship to digital media written by my colleague Akif here.