Why does President Trump choose to manage the country via Twitter?

26 October, 2020.

Early in the year 2016, there was a blog titled “Donald Trump says Facebook and Twitter ‘helped him win’”, in which the author explains the advantage of using Tweeter for American President Trump from the financial perspective. But that blog was posted a long time ago, at that time Donald Trump promised he would dial back his usage of networks like Twitter and Facebook when he becomes president. However, if we look at his tweeters today, we will find that he keeps vocalizing on Twitter all the time.

American President Trump seems to be much aware of his follower numbers on Twitter, he once said: “social media has more power than the money they spent.” He is so much addictive to the Twitter thing that some people created a website named Trump Generator. On that website. people can type anything and then change the style of the text in its format and content into the Trump Tweeting style, like adding words like “fail” or “loser” and putting many exclamation marks. Indeed, that is pretty funny, but we should take Trump Tweeter things more seriously and know more behind the seemingly funny image that he creates.

Then why cannot he give up his social media strategy?

There are several reasons for Donald Trump to protect his fortress in the field of social media. For some people, this form of communication may seem a little bit frivolous, but the advantages are obvious. For example, just like the blog said, the tweeter is an economic choice. For Donald Trump, tweeting is not only an efficient strategy for greater influence with lower costs during the campaign but also has a profound influence on large companies when he is in the position.

For example, simply being judged by Donald Trump on Twitter, the Boeing Company suffered a heavy loss in the stoke market. As a result, many companies started to supervise his Twiter for 24 hours just so that they can be well-prepared for a sudden PR crisis. Also, the Tweeter company itself has an economical relationship with Trump, well, is there a better candidate for Celebrity branding than the American president?

But of course, the most important factor should be the historical factor. Learning from the Fireside Chats and television debate given by the former American presidents, and followed the media-based propaganda by the last president Obama, Trump knows that in the age of social media, he should hold his ground, Twitter is also a war field of speech.

But we have to admit, such a marketing strategy does work because his tweets do win supports from great amounts of electors. Therefore, even sometimes we get confused or feel ridiculous about his words on Twitter, the potential influence of such a promoting strategy cannot be underestimated.

What we should be calmly aware of

In fact, even before most people realize that, Donald Trump has successfully gained much exposure and good publicity all over the world. Compared to a president, he firstly impresses many people with the image of a super Internet celebrity. He provides all kinds of interesting news and shocking speech, which seems to entertain us, but those things are exactly “the public” love, or even crazy about.

He makes himself look unpredictable or even sometimes stupid, but that is what the public wants and he knows it. Especially there are some people easily provoked by the Trump political slogans, as for them the slogans are easy to understand and nice to hear, even though it does not include detailed or practical policies. And with the internet algorisms, Donald Trump is able to easily target his supporters.

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