[VIDEO] The Fascinating Rise of VTubers

Ever since early 2020 one of my best friends has become obsessed with VTubers. Every single morning I would wake up to a max. of 7 and a min. of 2 VTuber related posts in my DM’s. I was pretty neutral on the whole thing at the start, slowly but surely however, my interests were piqued. I started wondering where this whole VTuber fad suddenly came from and why I could not open social media without seeing at least one (1) VTuber.

So, I did what any reasonable human being would do. I turned myself into a VTuber and made a 20 minute video essay about the topic.

I forgot to mention it in the video itself, but all my perspectives are given from a western point of view. When I speak of ‘mainstream’ entertainment, I’m alluding to what the west considers mainstream as that is the only perspective I can really speak on.

Listen with headphones for best quality!


So, uh, man. That took much, much, much longer than I anticipated. The video also turned out more than twice as long as planned, so, yeah, my bad.

I do hope you enjoyed the video, let me know your thoughts below!

I used Clip Studio Paint to draw the VTuber model.
Live2D to animate it.
Motion-rigged it using PrprLive.
Recorded it all using OBS.
And finally edited it all using Filmora.

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