In love online

On the fourth of June 2012, I finally turned twelve years old. Although I was still in elementary school, it felt like I was a grown-up and totally ready for everything that would happen. So…. why were my parents still acting like they could tell me what to do? Uhuh, I was twelve, remember? I was about to get my period, turning into a woman, and last but not least, butterflies in my stomach were becoming a real thing. Another essential part of reaching this age for me was that I was allowed to use the computer. However, there were many rules about how I had to use it and how long per day. After all the rules were discussed, the fun was about to start. Hyves was a popular social network site that all my friends used. So, the first thing I did on the computer was creating an account on Hyves. I added all the people I knew, made some cool pictures, and was ready to go. Being part of an online community for the first time felt as if the popular girls in school finally spoke one word to me. So, there I was. Every day, when I got home from school, I ran to the computer to contact my friends, chatting, sending pictures, videos, and other totally not interesting stuff. I had the time of my life on the internet. Also, having this account on Hyves was my first experience with having and doing something that is really of my own. This account and the things I did with it were my own responsibility, and my parents did not really interfere with it. That one hour, every day again. Unfortunately, I have to admit that at the end of that hour, my parents were ready to shut down the computer and tell me to clean the litter box or take me to the orthodontist. Oh right, there was still a life going on outside of that one hour of being online every day. There was much more going on in the life of this twelve-year-old girl. Alright, not so much more, but there was one essential thing: LOVE. I fell in love for the first time in my life. No, I did not just like him. I already thought about the names of our children. I dreamed about the romantic things we would do together and how we were running in a field full of flowers together. This was the love of my life, I thought.

Unfortunately, that did not go as planned… Two days after I told my friends about this prince, I went home after school. I got myself five cookies and some lemonade, ran to the computer, logged into Hyves, and chatted with my friends about how cute my crush looked that day. Everything was totally fine until a direct message popped up. Not just one of my friends about what colors I want on my new dental braces. No, the message was from him. Yes, it really was the one and only prince… my crush. I started sweating. My head filled with a hundred questions. Briefly summarized, the things that were going on inside of my head were: “First of all, did he even know I existed? Do I need to open the message? He can see that I am online, so I need to answer now, right? He might think I am a desperate girl if I respond too quickly. Alright, let’s just open the message, at least. The message reads: “they told me you are in love with me? is that right?” omg, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Who told him? What do I do? Does he mean that he is also in love with me? Or is he testing me? If I tell him I love him, is he going to tell the other people at school? If so, he has proof because he can show them the message?”. The first thing I did was contacting my friends. Of course, my friends immediately answered me because they were also using their parents’ computers. They told me to stay calm, and we discussed whether he likes me too or not, and eventually how to answer. After fifteen minutes, the conversation was still going on and time was running out because he was probably waiting for an answer. So, I yelled at my sisters, sitting in the room next to me, that they needed to help me out. After overthinking and discussing what to do for over half an hour, we decided that I would say that I had no idea what he was talking about. He mustn’t think I am a weird girl who never speaks to him but is hopelessly in love with him. Most importantly, I don’t want him to have a message of me telling him that I really like him, which he can show to the whole school. That would mean a bad reputation and never going to school because everyone would laugh at me. You might wonder what his reaction to this message reads: “Haha, amazing! Cause I don’t like you at all either”.