[Video] AI-Generated Content(AIGC): The Future Force in Content Creation

Hi there! Guess we’ve all noticed, AI is doing some pretty amazing things lately. It’s not just helping with writing and music; it’s like a creative powerhouse in video making, voice mimicry, and even art! It’s basically everywhere. And… It’s getting even better.

So, this video talked about what is AIGC, and how AI is becoming this super versatile thing, handling all sorts of content effortlessly. Also, it talked about its cool, innovative side and where it’s being used, like everywhere from writing to music to making videos and art. But, it’s not all smooth sailing. There are some challenges, like copyright issues, making sure the info is accurate, and trying to avoid picking up weird biases. Still, the video wrapped up on a positive note, looking ahead to more cool things AI can do.

Hope you enjoy it!

Editing: CapCut

Background Music: HAAWK for a 3rd Party Video

Images/Videos: Pexels, Free-to-use resources from the internet, Pika(An idea-to-video platform that brings your creativity to motion)

Audio: TTSmaker Free Text to Speech (Alayna voice)

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