Podcast: #DigitalOptimists with Stefan Buijsman (Privacy Issues Episode)

I am having a conversation with my friend Stefan Buijsman who is the youngest Ph.D. of the Netherlands and Sweden (obtained it at the age of 20). He has written numerous books about mathematics and Artificial Intelligence and he is an optimist when it comes to technological developments and social media. We discuss whether WhatsApp is as private and encrypted as it…

Eye-Tracking: Identifying Criminals to Sexual Orientation

I wanted to end my blog posts with a nice overview of what I have been up to, what my focuses were in the past blogs and connect them all under one umbrella, however, as you will see while reading further, I decided to go with something else. I have been focusing on different digital tools, smart technologies that are increasingly being implemented…

All Is Fair In Love & Cookies

Red Heart in Binary

The story of our lifetimes is how intentionally, by design, a number of institutions – both governmental and corporate – realized it was in their mutual interest to conceal their data collection activities in order to increase the breadth and depth of their sensory networks 

Edward Snowden on JRE #1368

I’ll be honest with you, I have a thing for the nitty-gritty of controversies. The issue of privacy on social media has been the talk of the town, but what exactly does privacy mean to us in this post-digital era and how are we and the corporations we populate taking responsibility for our virtual homes on the WWW.