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Holy Memes: where Christianity, self-mockery, and social media meet

written by Aurora E. L. Turkenburg

Memes come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. But the function of a meme is always the same: they are meant to make you laugh. Hysterically. Recently the amount of religion-inspired memes on my social media feed – whether COVID induced, or “God-given”, is rising.

But what, exactly, are religious memes – and why do Christians love them so much?

source: https://static.boredpanda.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/christian-memes-7-5cbf0e02cae11__700.jpg

Visiting God in the Cloud

written by: Aurora E. L. Turkenburg

On Thursday, March 12th of this year, the Dutch government advised to halt all venues with more than 100 people present in the face of increasing Covid-19 contagions. As I studied for an exam that would take place the day after, my email exploded with cancellations of venues, plans and university tests. While rummaging through a mountain of backlog the following week, I noticed an email from my hometown church. All services would be streamed online from March 15th onwards. The faithful could only visit God in the Cloud.

CC0 via Pixabay – link: https://pixabay.com/illustrations/social-social-networks-1206603/

Visiting God or his emissaries via digital media, however, has been the norm for several religious groups even before the age of Covid-19.

But where do we find religion in the digital world? Just about everywhere.

The Magic Circle ft. The Occult

There exist many conceptions of social, mental and cultural borders when it comes to play and the zone in which it takes place. Upon first hearing of The Magic Circle, I was intrigued by the evocation of a man-made haven through experiences such as games. This got me thinking about the various ‘other-worldly’ experiences mankind has been seeking since the dawn of…