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Intuitive Eating (of Social Media Feeds)

A friend responding with 'I would love to help you but I honestly first need to understand what's going on'

The Context Social media platforms bring about so many opportunities for enhanced global connection and access, and yet I often feel very passive on these platforms. Passively consuming content can be great, especially considering the fast-paced nature of our society today. However, I feel the prolonged periods of time I spend passively scrolling negatively affects my ability to think clearly and more…

All Is Fair In Love & Cookies

Red Heart in Binary

The story of our lifetimes is how intentionally, by design, a number of institutions – both governmental and corporate – realized it was in their mutual interest to conceal their data collection activities in order to increase the breadth and depth of their sensory networks 

Edward Snowden on JRE #1368

I’ll be honest with you, I have a thing for the nitty-gritty of controversies. The issue of privacy on social media has been the talk of the town, but what exactly does privacy mean to us in this post-digital era and how are we and the corporations we populate taking responsibility for our virtual homes on the WWW.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out.

The psychedelic art of Andrey Ballandin

Pop a tab, slip under an MRI and what you would see might surprise you. Brain networks that normally handle vision, attention, movement and hearing communicate with each other in novel ways, leading to what looks like a “more unified brain”. What I would like to zoom into, however, is the Default Mode Network. Scans revealed a deactivation of the tightly linked…

The Magical School Bus of the Internet

As a late-nineties baby, I derive this laughable sense of comfort from distinctly remembering a time before the internet was a household necessity. Somehow I am serendipitous about having had the opportunity to construct my basic schema of human relationships and interactions outside of the WWW. My younger brother was born the day after 9/11 – only a month before my 4th…