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Privacy invading Surveillance Techniques: Immediate Ways to Evade Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software is one of the most hotly debated technological advancements of our time. The possibilities of misuse brought many companies to put the development and use of facial recognition on hold. But new start-ups, and the enormous demand of public and private security organizations have made facial recognition a spooky reality. There are many cities around the world that employ…

All Is Fair In Love & Cookies

Red Heart in Binary

The story of our lifetimes is how intentionally, by design, a number of institutions – both governmental and corporate – realized it was in their mutual interest to conceal their data collection activities in order to increase the breadth and depth of their sensory networks 

Edward Snowden on JRE #1368

I’ll be honest with you, I have a thing for the nitty-gritty of controversies. The issue of privacy on social media has been the talk of the town, but what exactly does privacy mean to us in this post-digital era and how are we and the corporations we populate taking responsibility for our virtual homes on the WWW.