Viking Funerals and Frozen Money

Well folks, we all knew this was going to happen. My last blog post. No need to cry, I know we had fun, but all good things must come to an end. I must say, I have been having trouble finding a suitable subject for this last post. Nothing seemed worthy enough to be my final story on this site. Everything was just too mediocre, too normal. I needed something epic, something that would leave you in awe as the lights fade out and the curtains close. By now you might have guessed that I am a slightly dramatic person (just slightly though). I like doing things with a bit of flair, because it makes life more interesting and fun. So this post needed that too, that gasp-inducing spark that would make this ending glorious. Thus I created my own pitfall: I could not think of anything to write about. Still can’t actually. So I just decided to go with the flow and ramble on. I highly doubt many people will actually read this anyway, so this last hooray is more for me than for anyone.

So without further ado, I introduce to you; The Final Interesting Things I Wanted To Write About.

First of all: have you seen how much money the movie Frozen II is making? Apparently Disney has made over 1 billion dollars this year with their new release movies, which is just insane. During some of the presentations in class, a few people spoke about Disney’s success, and how this could be a danger. I never really thought about it that much, since I’d rather just watch the movies than worry about them, but even I cannot ignore how immense Disney is getting. Honestly, I personally really like Disney movies, so that’s not my problem. I am however fundamentally against any company achieving a monopoly. It doesn’t matter what kind of companies, I just think it is wrong in any way shape or form.

Second of all: the new Tesla car. The more I find out about Teslas’s cars and their incredible technological advancements, the more my awe rises. Unfortunately though, it is still not completely sure if electric cars are that good for the environment. I sincerely hope that they find a way to better their production, because there is just something about electric cars that I love. Maybe it’s the futuristic aspects of them, or maybe it’s just the sound that they make when they zoom past you, but I love them. Even the ones that look as atrocious as the new Tesla car.

And finally: the abomination of TikTok. I hope that you have all heard about the classic genius of Vines: short videos (recorded on the social media platform/app called Vine) which are almost always hilarious. Sadly, Vine got deleted a few years past, and the digital world suffered a great loss. Recently, someone decided that it was time to reanimate this app. The new app could not be the same of course, but they promised us that it would be equally great. Man, did they fail. The new app is called TikTok, and it is blowing up on all social media platforms. However, it is not, and will never be, the same as Vine. Where Vine was creative and funny, TikTok is shallow and frankly a bit idiotic. Not judging of course. Perhaps it would be better if you see for yourself. A short warning: though it is gauging-out-your-eyes annoying, it is also strangely addicting to watch. I suppose that’s why it’s so successful.

Well, this really is it. I have rambled for long enough (though I could go on for far longer of course). I sincerely hope you have enjoyed my often strange blog posts, but this is where I must say goodbye.

So I hereby welcome you to the epic Viking funeral, shoot-a-flaming-arrow-at-the-burial-boat, gloriously overdramatic ending of my post. It has been fun.

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