Podcast: #DigitalArtists with Sonja Steiner

This is a conversation between two artists: the academically-taught artist Sonja Steiner and self-taught digital artist Kristina Kovalenko about the effect of the digital revolution on the art world and how different the art market is for the both of us. We briefly cover Instagram, which revolutionized the way artists promote and present themselves to the art market and we question whether…

Podcast: #DigitalOptimists with Stefan Buijsman (Artificial Intelligence Art Episode)

Stefan and I are discussing whether Artificial Intelligence can be considered a threat to artists and the art world, deep fakes and whether they will be able to influence news and the way we perceive information and whether AI will develop enough to fight with misinformation that the AI itself creates. More about Stefan Buijsman:

Podcast: #DigitalOptimists with Stefan Buijsman (Privacy Issues Episode)

I am having a conversation with my friend Stefan Buijsman who is the youngest Ph.D. of the Netherlands and Sweden (obtained it at the age of 20). He has written numerous books about mathematics and Artificial Intelligence and he is an optimist when it comes to technological developments and social media. We discuss whether WhatsApp is as private and encrypted as it…

Online learning, life skills supplements

If you have watched any YouTube video in the past few months, chances are that the YouTube channel making the video was sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online platform with tutorials and classes on a myriad of different fields, such as animation, productivity, knitting, drawing and more. Another appeal of Skillshare is that you can not only access it through your…

Viking Funerals and Frozen Money

Well folks, we all knew this was going to happen. My last blog post. No need to cry, I know we had fun, but all good things must come to an end. I must say, I have been having trouble finding a suitable subject for this last post. Nothing seemed worthy enough to be my final story on this site. Everything was…

Destiny Talks Episode 5: Virtual Reality

Join us for another episode with Iman, Caressa, and Joseph on Virtual Reality and the underlying debate around it! Sources: Philip Brey (2014)’s The Phyiscal and Social Reality of Virtual Worlds in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality Extending Virtual Reality with art for all five senses | Rogue Fong | TEDxFultonStreet

Horizontal VS vertical videos

As I lazily scroll through Instagram, I am often suggested to carry on watching longer videos on IGTV, yet I almost never do. Since it launched in June 2018, I have always been a bit confused about it, and to be completely honest, I never liked it. Somehow, the idea of entering the IGTV world bothers me. But first, what is IGTV?…

DestinyTalks Episode 4: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Join Iman, Caressa, and Joseph about their prediction of the future of Artificial Intelligence! Sources: Ted Talk “Why we have an emotional connection to robots” by Kate Darling The Guardian “Disastrous’ lack of diversity in AI industry perpetuates bias, study finds” by Kari Paul