Podcast: #DigitalArtists with Sonja Steiner

This is a conversation between two artists: the academically-taught artist Sonja Steiner and self-taught digital artist Kristina Kovalenko about the effect of the digital revolution on the art world and how different the art market is for the both of us.

We briefly cover Instagram, which revolutionized the way artists promote and present themselves to the art market and we question whether or not the galleries and gallerists are still needed for the artist to be successful.

The issue of algorithms and the (sometimes very random and viral) exposure of your art are also covered in this interview-conversation because nowadays, the career of an artist can change overnight because their artwork became viral.

And we also share our advice to the mothers who are stressed that their kids go to Universities to study art! 😉

The video that we discuss in the podcast. I made it 3 years ago, it went viral and it changed my presence in the art world/market.