Episode 5: The Language of the Internet

This the fith episode of our podcast titled ‘Digital Discussions’, in which we discuss topics about the digital, humanities, and digital humanities. . As the host of this episode, Cosima introduces a discussion about the the the evolution and history of language on the internet, jargon, slang, emojis, and the use of internet language as a academic exercise, with the help of the book ‘Because Internet: Understanding the New Rules of Language‘. We talk about emoji use in academic writing, the appearance and disappearance of l337 5p34k, discovering a new territory in internet language and much more. Also, we fixed the sound issues from last episode, thus the quality is back to normal now. In these episodes, we’re going to rotate the role of host that introduces a topic and a discussion around it with the help of an academic article, news article, or something else relevant. We hope you enjoy listening!

Additional Sources used in the episode:
1. Definition of LOL
2. Chinese Internet Slang

Episode 5: The Language of the Internet

This podcast is a shared project between Cosima Stierman, Emma de Rijke and Gijs Mesman.

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