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Destiny Talks Episode 5: Virtual Reality

Join us for another episode with Iman, Caressa, and Joseph on Virtual Reality and the underlying debate around it! Sources: Philip Brey (2014)’s The Phyiscal and Social Reality of Virtual Worlds in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality Extending Virtual Reality with art for all five senses | Rogue Fong | TEDxFultonStreet

DestinyTalks Episode 4: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

Join Iman, Caressa, and Joseph about their prediction of the future of Artificial Intelligence! Sources: Ted Talk “Why we have an emotional connection to robots” by Kate Darling The Guardian “Disastrous’ lack of diversity in AI industry perpetuates bias, study finds” by Kari Paul

DestinyTalks Episode 2: Is Fake News Conquering the World?

Welcome to the second episode of DestinyTalks were we explore the realm of Fake News! Join Iman Hasan Slaka, Caressa Betist Thenu and Joseph Palframan in talking about the latest developments of the topic of Fake News. Feel free to drop a comment on what your opinion on the topic is! Sources European Union tackling online disinformation: Politico: Europe’s failure on…

Releasing the iPhone 11, an admirable pursuit?

For the past decade, the role of Apple in the digital world has grown tremendously, becoming an industry that is both leading and constantly changing the consumer electronics and smartphone market. Yet, when you consider the cultural impact of Apple on our modern-day society it’s interesting to analyze Apple’s new release of the iPhone 11 and how it might influence our daily…