The wired headset has become a new retro trend! Are young people tired of AirPods?

The Wall Street Journal published a review article on the topic of AirPods. However, the article is not discussing the newly released AirPods3 this year, nor is Apple releasing any new audio technology for AirPods, but a recent popular one which is somewhat surprising. The phenomenon of doubting is gradually becoming popular.

Including some Hollywood stars, there is a retro craze for those people that are on the fashion trend, wearing wired headsets on many social media and occasions. Warner’s well-known pop music singer Dua Lipa also posted photos of necklaces made with EarPods. These are all signs that wired headphones have become a popular element in recent months. The young generations are also bringing their earphones wherever they go.

In this year’s fashion industry, more and more wired headsets have begun to be combined with various fashion designs, and more and more appear on the runway, becoming a part of fashion wear. It seems that the trend of wired headset revival is returning.

Young people are getting tired of AirPods, are they?

For the reasons of abandoning AirPods and other wireless headsets, some people believe that the signals emitted by AirPods and mobile phones will generate harmful ‘radiation’; of course, most choose to return to traditional wired earphones are because of their simplicity: wired earphones are more reliable, do not require regular charging, are inexpensive, and have simple and clear volume control buttons.–LIseT0AhVVhf0HHUaGBVYQ_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1091&bih=562&dpr=1.25#imgrc=xz1o2q4YQMhANM

Then what is their choice?

It’s EarPods, the wired earphones released by Apple in 2012. The classic design and the gift of the iPhone packaging make it still exist in a large number on the market today. Many people have one or two EarPods at home. It will not be difficult to find it in 2021. Since most of the iPhone and Android phones can’t find the 3.5mm headphone jack nowadays, many young people have to turn to audio-visual websites for teaching to solve the problem of “how to plug in a wired headset into a mobile phone?’ This trend has indirectly brought a lot of relevant teaching on YouTube and many video bloggers have also begun to make relevant teachings on TikTok, which is now more popular.

On the other hand, although the AirPods series has become quite popular, the actual price is still not a cheap digital device for many people. On the current Apple official website, the price of the AirPods series is more than 100 euros. It is divided into multiple product lines: AirPods Max, which focuses on top-level hardware positioning, is priced at 450 euros!

As a product that accompanies the demand for music and communication, headphones have always been one of the important carriers of fashion elements. The wave of smartphones in the 2010s has changed the shape of many things: streaming media platforms have made music accessible, and true wireless headsets have also been one of the most important trends in the consumer electronics field in the past five years.

To conclude, it’s not that TWS headsets such as AirPods are out of fashion or inconvenient to use. It’s just that TWS such as AirPods (or “true wireless headsets”) have been in the past two or three years. Therefore, some users try to find more unique existences in the past that have become a classic memory. What about you, do you still use wired earphones or wireless headsets? And why?