Talking about the future, are we living in a Black Mirror episode?

When I think about the future it’s a paradox that comes to my mind. Everything is uncertain but we can imagine how it will be. The term Black Mirror has become popular throughout our vocabulary since the series created by Charlie Brooker was released. He talks about a dystopian future as a reflection of our relationship with the advances in technology, such as the use of driverless taxis and automatic deliveries which are realities nowadays, so are we living in one Black Mirror episode?

I can imagine a future with streets full of autonomous vehicles which may sound like a science fiction landscape, although it isn’t. This is a reality, companies like Tesla, Google’s Waymo, and Uber are investing for this to become more and more popular. But we have to be realistic, for this to become a proper reality what needs to be done is improve the roads to make them safer. Some issues are not that easy to solve, if we are driving and there is a cow in the middle of the road, what should the automatic car do? Kill the people inside? Or stop and provoke an accident?

Video advertising the automatic driving from Google’s Waymo.

Automatic deliveries are something that sounds very dystopian but it’s also a reality. Companies like Amazon and FedEx are experimenting with drones and some kind of robotic dogs to transport whatever someone orders. This aspect concerns us about job displacement.

Amazon’s automatic delivery system advertisement.

There is another concept mentioned in the Nosedive Black Mirror episode about social credit scores. China has already implemented a social credit system, where citizens are assigned, scores based on their behavior, this has been a reality since January 2022. The government launched it to make the citizens behave. With these high scores, you can access certain privileges or services as loans, and better job opportunities. Also, if you have low scores you can get limitations in traveling or other penalties.

BBC News explain how the social credit score works.

I also must mention people who are marrying artificial intelligence people in real life, which sounds like a good idea for the next Black Mirror episode. Last week I read some news about this; there is a Spanish woman who will marry AiLeix, an IA with whom she has been living for a few months and who is learning from his exes fails. The wedding will be next year in Rotterdam.

While these technological advances offer undeniable benefits, they also force us to face the darker side of progress. As we marvel at the possibilities of a future filled with automation, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology, we must remain vigilant. It is important to find a balance between innovation and ethical considerations and to ensure that the reflection of Black Mirror remains a fictional and not a prophetic vision of our future. As we navigate this evolving landscape, the power to shape our destiny rests in our collective hands, making intentional choices that guide us toward a future we can embrace with both wonder and wisdom.

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