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Petitions and Data Protection

Petitions have an important place in human history as the tool that has often been the only voice of marginalized people. They can be found across many cultures and regions throughout time, with their start dating back to Ancient Egypt, where slaves often tried to petition for better working conditions. The practice of petitioning has inevitably changed throughout history, most drastically in…

All Is Fair In Love & Cookies

Red Heart in Binary

The story of our lifetimes is how intentionally, by design, a number of institutions – both governmental and corporate – realized it was in their mutual interest to conceal their data collection activities in order to increase the breadth and depth of their sensory networks 

Edward Snowden on JRE #1368

I’ll be honest with you, I have a thing for the nitty-gritty of controversies. The issue of privacy on social media has been the talk of the town, but what exactly does privacy mean to us in this post-digital era and how are we and the corporations we populate taking responsibility for our virtual homes on the WWW.

Baby-Hitler and mums on Facebook

Most of us began using social media when we were in our pre-teens. As for Facebook, I remember ruthlessly lying about my age when I first signed up at 11 years old. But at the very least, at the time, I had some sort of awareness of what I wanted/didn’t want appearing on my profile. I chose what to post, I could…

Dystopian future? China’s social credit system and the surveillance state

Since the People’s Republic of China announced in 2014 that they will launch a new system that is supposed to make sure it’s citizens and corporations will become more trustworthy (as the China Daily has reported), it has been a hot topic of speculation among Western journalists that cover China of what this system will look like and how it will impact…

Dystopian future? The neoliberalisation of privacy in a digital age

The 2018 Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal has led many people to become more conscious about privacy concerns and how much of our personal information is being collected and sold by social media corporations. But are we as individuals actually capable to protect our online privacy, or is this an issue that can only be addressed in collective regulations? The story of how…